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SQL Sat MN is this Weekend!

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

SQL Saturday MN is this weekend and wow what a lineup, I have many good friends, colleagues, and acquaintances speaking during this event. I've taken a break from speaking until 2020 but I'll be flying up this weekend to see old friends and meet new people! So, instead of normally talking about what would be my session, I wanted to call out some sessions you should attend:

Andy Yun on Everyone Has a Story to Tell: Developing Your First Presentation

Ashley Day on Getting Started with SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS)

Bill Preachuk: File Formats - A Deep Dive

Dave Bland on Extended Events: What are they and How do I use them

David Klee on Maximum SQL Server on VMware Performance

Ed Leighton-Dick on Dammit Jim! Dr McCoy's Field Guide to system_health

Gina Meronek on Power BI for the Data Systems Administrator

Jared Zagelbaum on Azure Databricks in Action

JD Braun on Bottling up your Data Lake with Delta Lake Tables

Jordan Anderson on Real-Time IoT Analytics at the Edge

Joshua Owen, Robert Gerads on Building Your Brand in the Local Data Community

Please feel free to message me directly through this channel or LinkedIn if you would like to meet and network in person!

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