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Introducing the New Data and AI Roles and Exams from Microsoft

Microsoft has announced the first few Data and AI exams for Azure that will replacing the previous Data Engineering and Data Science exams. This identifies two tracks: Artifical Intelligence and Data Platform. It also shows that Data Science is being wrapped up into Data Platform. This is great because this says that Microsoft sees Data Science as becoming a new standard when it comes to Data Platforms.

New Roles:

  • Azure AI Engineer Associate


  • Azure Data Scientist Associate


  • Azure Data Engineer Associate


New Exams(currently in Beta):

  • AI-100 - Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution


  • DP-100 - Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure


  • DP-200 - Implementing an Azure Data Solution


  • DP-201 - Designing an Azure Data Solution


To be retired:

70-473 Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions

70-475 Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions

70-773 Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R

70-774 Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning

70-775 Perform Data Engineering on Microsoft HDInsight

70-776 Engineering Data with Microsoft Cloud Service

If your current exam is retiring, this doesn't mean that these skills are irrelevant(they're as in demand as ever!) but rather Microsoft is wrapping them up into new role based exams.

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